Best Online Shopping Sites in South Africa

Best Online Shopping Sites in South Africa

Best Online Shopping Sites in South Africa – it is very important to conduct a detailed review when choosing your next e-commerce website to do shopping.

Many people make a mistake of clicking random links which may come through emails and random popups on other websites.

Since 2019 after the pandemic happened, many people who used to be skeptical about doing online shopping started considering it.

As much as it sounds easy enough to do, add to cart, checkout and make payment, people still get scammed online.

Let’s look at some of the pro and cons of online shopping which will help you choose the best online shopping sites in South Africa.

Cheaper prices

Many ecommerce websites offers lower prices compared to the ones that you will actually find in a physical store and why is that.

One of the many reasons amongst others why ecommerce websites are cheaper it’s because the online competition is difficult.

What do we mean when we talk about competition?

Well, unlike a physical store, it is very difficult to do comparison of prices as a shopper, you can at-least visit max 2 Mall for comparison.

But imagine if you were to try compare between 10 Malls that is impossible isn’t it?

With online shopping, you can easily browse through more than 20 online stores within 30 minutes to find the cheapest price.


Save through extra convenience, unlike with physical shopping, you don’t have to pump in some fuel to get your needs.

With many best online shopping sites in South Africa, they will process your order online and deliver it to you door step.

That alone has saved you extra cash from all related overheads, plus savings from buy on lowest prices.

One of the most important factors of convenience is time, time is money.

With the time that you spend with a trolley in a Mall, you could use that time to do something more important.

How about you take that extra 2 hours you could have spent in a Mall and work on your house and save more money from hiring people.


With online shopping, you have access to variety of one product unlike with a physical store.

Remember with an actual physical store, most of the times this stores are paying lots of rent in shopping centers.

They are mostly restricted by space and storage, they stock up products that are mostly liked by people.

Let’s say for an example, a car show room will keep cars with a colour that people are most likely to buy.

Any weird colour that someone might request for their personal preference, they are required to order it and wait for it.

Another limitation to a physical store is theft, many stores that sell electronics are sceptical to keep expensive products.

Expensive products like IPhones and gaming laptops are seldom to find on a physical store because of this reason.

Many best online shopping sites in South Africa will most likely have products which physical stores will no keep in their stock.


With physical stores, you are most likely to buy a product that was not in your shopping list.

This is one of their advantages, unlike with an online store, many people will use a keyword search functionality.

With a keyword search functionality on an ecommerce website, you specifically browse what you need and require.

You checkout only that specific product and pay for that product alone, whereas on the other hand, not many of us will buy only a loaf of bread and leave.

The mind is easy to trick, not sure if you have noticed, if you are on a physical store, for some weird reason you feel like you need everything you see.

Most of the things you see, you do need but they are not important to have.

With online shopping, you only see what you need, unless if you have too much to spend that you would start browsing other items.

In this reading, we recommend that everyone should start looking for best online shopping sites in South Africa.