Debtlab Consolidation Loans

Debtlab – Let Debt lab negotiate best debt consolidation and personal loan with the right lender for you.

Debt lab is the financial institution that has been helping South Africans when choosing insurance, cell phone contract and credit cards.

This financial services provider is a pro in the field and they also do debt counseling and debt management.

While their customers focus on what they do best, Debtlab handles the stress and take off burden of searching for customers.

Because they understand how frustrating it is to search of right personal loans.

Tour with Finance Hippo as we take an overview and summarize this brokers services and expertise.

Debt Lab Overview

Debt Lab is a credit and financial services provider that will negotiate best personal loan deals with lenders on your behalf.

Because this entity has the ability and knowledge in this sector, they make loan sourcing hassle free.

Whether customer is looking for debt consolidation loans for non homeowners or cell phone contract, utalize Debt Lab!

Below is a list and summary of Debt lab services.

  • Personal Loans
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Insurance Quotations
  • Pay Day Loans
  • Cellphone Contracts
  • Credit Cards
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Rent-to-Own Vehicles
  • ITC Clearance
  • Voluntary Surrender


Here are the reasons why Finance Hippo recommends Deblab.

This entity renders all the persoanl loan search and application administration for loan seekers free of charge.

The best part about their services is, they take ownership of all loan application paperwork.

Most importantly, they do no charge loan seekers to do the paperwork to render this service to them.

All administration fees are paid directly by the lender and customer are not be charged additional fee for any of this services.

The Debtlab experienced call centre agents are available to process all loan applications within 24 hours.

This lender treats all customers information as confidential and never shares loan seekers information with external parties.

Debt Consolidation Loans

What is a debt consolidation Loans?

Debt consolidation loan is a type of loan that is particularly packaged to payoff other loans or financial commitment.

This type of loan, unlike short term loans or personal loans, it is not meant for loan seekers to use on other factors.

It is best advisable and recommended to apply for a debt consolidation loan when customer has too many financial commitments.

Because when customer has too many financial commitments, it becomes hard to pay all due amounts for each installment.

Debt consolidation loans are meant to consolidate all debts into one affordable installment that customer can fit in their budget.

Debt Lab can search for best debt consolidation loans for customers that will provide them with the best deals around.

This broker is well established to also assist people with bad credit to access consolidation loans with bad credit.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are mostly long term loans that must be paid of between 6 – 72 months.

This type of loans are loans that must also not be used for any purpose according to customer’s preference.

Customers may use this loans to for their studies, pay for their kids school or do home renovations.

Debtlab Contact Details

For most updated information about this lender’s debt consolidation loans, please visit

Customer will find all Debtlab contact details on this site, as well as necessary information to apply for one of their debt consolidation loan products.

For our Finance Hippo readers, below is the Debt Lab contact number.

021 300 1077

Consolidation Loans Calculator

Finance Hippo’s internal Consolidation Loans Calculator is a very important tool that performs instant loan calculations.

Most importantly, before using our Consolidation Loans Calculator, please use this tool as an used for an instant estimate only.

We recommend that our readers do not use this Consolidation Loans Calculator tool provided by Finance Hippo as final personal loans outcome.

Here is how this loan calculator tool will help our readers.

Consolidation Loans Calculator is a tool to help loans seekers with their loan application detailed calculations.

including what will be their potential just loans interest rates.

Consolidation Loans Calculator

This simple to use Consolidation Loans Calculator has other features like calculating instant Debtlab loans reviews and personal loan repayments.

Most importantly, this Consolidation Loans Calculator works as a guide for loan seekers to select suitable loans according to affordability.

Besides all, please use Consolidation Loans Calculator as an estimate but not the final loan outcome from the Debt lab loans reviews.

Consolidation Loans Calculator