Direct Choice Loans

DirectChoice loans – there is a one channel to link loan seekers to a pool of personal loan providers.

Since their inception in 1995, Direct Choice has been a trusted landing channel in South African proving all types of loans.

In this article Finance Hippo will take readers on an overview of the DirectChoice loans services and explain who is Direct Choice.

On this article we will explain in full who is Direct Choice and how is it linked to LoansDirect.

We take a brief overview of direct choice personal loans and how this lender conducts their direct choice loans reviews.

Finance Hippo assists reader on how to apply for a directchoice loan and touches base on direct choice marketing and direct choice vacations topics.

Below is a quick explanation about DirectChoice loan and direct choice personal loans.

Directchoice Loan

Directchoice loan was developed to become a a channel or rather a loan broker more than as a lender to provide personal loans.

The goal behind the birth of Directchoice personal loans was to consolidate all best lenders available into one platform.

This is because with a wide range of available lenders and options to choose from out there, it can become overwhelming to choose the right lender.

Now that’s why directchoice loan was formed.

This Directchoice personal loans provider make customers loan applications efficient, simple and comprehensive.

Direct choice provider loan seekers with direct loans South Africa options available on the internet.

The Direct Choice service provides a no obligation comparison to ton of lenders to make sure customers gets best direct choice loans reviews.

Here is the best part about Directchoice.

Directchoice personal loans service is 100% free to use and customers are under no obligation to use the products or services they provide.

Loan seekers are rest assured to fill in the direct choice loan application form online for free with not service fee required.

Use direct choice personal loans service to find the perfect loan that will suite your individual preference and budget.

Here is how direct choice is related to LoansDirect


LoansDirect is in partnership with DirectChoice network that renders all personal loans application for DirectChoice.

The aim and goal of LoansDirect is to streamline all the personal loan application process to simplify the loan seekers life.

Loans Direct makes it all easy and accessible at a centralized location by providing a comprehensive application form online.

This broker is well capable to hasten the speed at which they source loans for all individuals in need of urgent cash loans.

The company use loans direct lenders which are reliable and treats their customers fairly with best loans direct interest rates.

Best part about using this broker is that they do not charge loan seekers for sourcing any quotation on their products and services.

Loans Direct Personal Loans

Loan seekers may use Loans Direct Personal Loans for any purpose, customers are not obligated to use this loans for specific purpose.

Some people using this Loans Direct personal loans as loans direct consolidation loans, it is totally up to the customer.

This lender will approve the customers application regardless provided that customer agree to the terms and condition set by the lender.

Loans Direct Lenders

To qualify for loans with one of Loans Direct Lenders, here is all the loans direct requirements

Below are the general loans direct requirements that are usually acquired during loan applications.

Loans Direct Requirements

  • SA ID document / smart card id
  • Recent payslip / proof of income.
  • (3)Three Months bank statement

Loans Direct Contact Number

To find loans direct contact number most recent updated information on this broker please visit their website

Below is a loans direct contact number for easy of access to our readers.

0860 111 542

Loans Direct Calculator

Loans Direct Calculator is an online handy tool to assist customers do instant loan calculations.

The Loans Direct Calculator will do amongst other things, perform instant loans direct reviews and loan amount repayments.

Loans Direct Calculator will provide a loans break down on all amounts including selected Clientele loans interest rates.

Most importantly, this Loans Direct Calculator provide guide loan seekers to select suitable loan amounts according to afford-ability.

Please use Loans Direct Calculator as an estimate but not the final loan outcome from the lender.

Loans Direct Calculator