Fnb Branch Code

Fnb Branch Code

Fnb Branch Code Locator – At times lot of people get stuck when trying to do any online payments due to Bank branch codes and branch names, now for you currently reading this article.

It is important that you, ” adapt to SA Universal branch codes”

Universal Branch Codes vs Branch Codes

As most South African’s are adopting to new trends, most popular banks are now using a user-friendly universal branch codes for all their bank branches, convenient way of doing banking online recently.

You are probably still doing it, using individual branch codes is not important anymore, you can switch to using one universal branch code that works for all bank branch names and branch codes.

Find FNB Universal Branch Codes that you can use for your convenience online which can be used for any bank account and any branch.

FNB Universal Branch Codes

FNB 250 655

SA Universal Branch Codes

  • ABSA – 632005
  • African Bank – 430000
  • Bidvest – 462005
  • Capitec – 470010
  • First National Bank – 250655
  • Investec – 580105
  • Meeg Bank – 471001
  • Nedbank – 198765
  • Postbank – 460005
  • Standard Bank – 051001

As some people are still skeptical to this method, you find that many South African’s are still inquiring for branch codes and branch names to do their daily banking tasks.

Hippo loans is encouraging South African’s who are still behind, to simply their daily banking routine by using Universal Branch Codes as opposed to individual branch codes.

FNB Branch Code Near You

Find your favorite FNB Branch near you and FNB branch name by using below FNB Branch Locator.

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