FNB eWallet

Use FNB eWallet to Send Money

Use FNB eWallet to send money to anyone who is not an existing FNB Account Holder anywhere in South African using eWallet.

FNB Banking option provides their customers with a money transfer service to send money to any valid and existing cell phone number.

Any South African citizen with a valid mobile number can be an eWallet recepient, not bank account or identity number required.

The send money using eWallet process can only be done within South Africa.

How to Send Money Using FNB eWallet

First National Bank(FNB) provides its customers with an eWallet option using mobile service or FNB banking app using their FNB Bank Account.fnb ewallet

You can use your cell phone to send money via eWallet by dialing *130*321* from your mobile device.

To use the eWallet service as a sender, you need to be an existing FNB Client with a valid account number and funds in you account.

Dial *130*321* to send money via eWallet and select send money option on your menu.

Enter the cell number and the amount that you would like to send money to.

On the next step you will be required to confirm if you would like to proceed with the transaction.

Ensure that all the details, eWallet cell number and eWallet amount are correct because you will not have fnb eWallet reversal option.

How Withdraw FNB eWallet – Recepient

If you are the recepient, you will get a text message with four digits pin that you need to withdraw funds from the ATM.

Note that your FNB eWallet pin will expire in (4) four hours as soon as you have received the notification.

Get to your nearest FNB ATM to withdraw funds sent to you using the initial eWallet pin that was sent to you before the pin expires.

If the initial pin that you received from the sender expires, you can reset the ATM Pin to receive a new ATM pin.

How to Resend FNB eWallet Pin – eWallet Expire

In most cases people want to know if – does eWallet expire

You may simply reset eWallet pin using the following number *130*277# on your own cell number.

On the menu that appears navigate to Get FNB ATM pin and follow the get new eWallet pin steps.

The new eWallet Pin that you receive will also expire within (4)Four hours.

Withdraw eWallet funds

Anyone can withdraw eWallet funds, not bank account required, all you need is cell number and pin to the ATM to withdraw the eWallet funds.

When you get to the ATM, you might not see an option to withdraw eWallet money from the ATM immediately.

When you get an FNB ATM, if you can’t see where the , push any button on the screen to see all option available on you ATM Screen.

Select the Cardless Services option and follow steps on how to withdraw funds by first entering the mobile number that the pin was sent to.

The next step is to put in the eWallet pin that was sent to you and the amount that you want to take out.

FNB eWallet Service

One greatest benefit is, the funds that are sent to you will always remain in the cell number that the funds were sent to.

If you have not withdrawn all the eWallet funds sent to you, they will be remain in you mobile number just as if you had a bank account with FNB.

The eWallet service is easy for anyone to interact with, from a sender to a receiver perspective.

Recipients are not limited to be only FNB existing customers who holds bank accounts with the bank.

eWallet supports all mobile networks within this country.

Start using eWallet today and to get more information on how to use information you may visit the FNB website www.fnb.co.za

If you would like to get more information on how to use FNB eWallet and how to send money using FNB eWallet you can visit the FNB website www.fnb.co.za and navigate to the eWallet section.