FNB Temporary Loan

FNB Temporary Loan – are you stuck this month, do you have crisis that you need to sort out or do you have an emergency that was not even part of your budget this month.

Unforeseen emergencies sometimes will leave us with no choice but to seek extra financial help from other sources, this is at a time when you find that your usual salary will not cover everything.

We all never think of what could possibly happen tomorrow, well, your car could break and require you to pop out some extra cash which you did not plan for when you were doing you current month’s budget.

Do you know what could happen tomorrow?

Have you heard about the FNB temporary loans?

Anything can happen anytime and, in most cases, any emergencies that can arise from little things that we really need and care about like your car, geyser, school extra mural activities, school trips etc.

This type of emergencies that arise unplanned can require you to seek help in a form of cash loan, payday loan or short-term loan.

FNB Temporary Loan

An FNB temporary loan can be used as a short-term loan, it is a type of a loan that is safe to apply for, because it is small amounts, which can be paid back in a short period of time.

Talking about short-term loans and payday loans, this type of loans are loans that can be used for short-term goals, unlike personal loans, you can use short-term loans to cover emergencies for the month where your salary cannot cover you.

FNB temporary loans is one of the short-term loans as well, loans which you can use to fix your car, fix you roof or repair a burst pipe at your home.

To qualify for any payday loan or short-term loan, you will need to be blacklisted free and have a good credit score, because, in most instances, this type of loan is approved instantly.

FNB Temporary Loan Requirements

Below are the most important requirements of the First National Bank (FNB) shot-term loan.

  • It is available to on FNB customers
  • To qualify, you need to have at least an active Cheque Account or Easy Account with FNB.
  • All Applicants must be over 18 years of age.
  • You need to be an SA citizen with a valid South African Identity number to qualify.

Even if you are an FNB customer, to qualify for FNB temporary loan, you need to have a good credit score and obviously not have any blacklisting associated with your identify number.

In this article, we aim to help and advice as many people who qualify for an FNB temporary loan, as to when they should consider taking this short-term loan, we provide you with some little tips as to when you can apply for this short-term loan.

For everyone, of course, like wise when you have a credit card, it is always tempting even though you have money in your bank account, to use the credit card.

We want to help you understand that you do not have to swipe your credit card if it is not required, you don’t need to use or apply for an FNB temporary loan if it is not required to do so.

There are many people who underestimate the power of debt, just because you qualify for a particular credit, you are not obligated to use that power unless if it is important and required.

If you have access to a particular credit, you must ensure that you utilize this financial freedom when it essential and required, do not apply for loans and credit simply because you qualify.

Do not apply for FNB temporary loan because you want to have a party this weekend, don’t apply for this loan because you just want to fit within and impress friends and family members, use it for great purpose.

Take advantage of short-term loans when it is important to do so like FNB temporary loan, perhaps you are going through a very difficult time, where you are left with no choice but to get more help from somewhere else except from where you get you monthly salary.

It is important to remind yourself that, if you apply for a loan, it means that you need discipline, it means that you need to ensure that, you won’t apply for other loans after this one.

For your next short-term loans, here is why you can consider FNB short term loans.

Why Apply for FNB Short-Term Loans?

Loan Usage

You are not obligated to what you can use this payday or short-term loan for, but, what we advise you to do is not to apply for this loan unreasonably, ensure that you use for good purposes.

We all have difficulty to manage access to easy credit, but we need to maintain the power we have to access of money and ensure that we use this money when it is important for us to do so.

In most cases, realistically so, you should consider this type of loan when you are going through crisis, maybe that you are sick or have serious financial assistance requirements.

For example, there might be unforeseen emergency like your child requiring extra money for school trip.  This are type of emergencies that might not be in your budget and this is when you should consider getting a payday loan or short-term loan.

Loan Management

FNB temporary loan is a great amount of up to 10 000, this is sufficient of any type of emergency. If this amount is not full amount of your emergency, you simply use it as a deposit or a place holder of any reason of the requirement.

Looking at the figure, this is a very small to medium amount that will have reasonable repayments, meaning that it is manageable.

Unlike other lenders who offers temporary loans, First National Bank provides you with a loan amount that your most probably able afford.

Who Qualifies for This Short-term Loans?

FNB temporary loan is mainly customized for current customers, you qualify to apply for this personal loan when you have an FNB business account or some type of product with the bank.

The reason why this is packaged for existing customers, it’s because if you’re an FNB client, the bank has all the information they need, this includes your credit background and status, it is easy for them to lend you money as quick as possible.

To qualify for this FNB short-term loan, you need to be earning at least a minimum of 300 – 10 000.


FNB temporary loan is one of great payday loans, quick loans that you can use when you need little help if you are an FNB customer with FNB business account or cheque account. To find out more information, visit their website www.fnb.co.za or you nearest FNB branch.