Top 15 Ways to Make Money Online and Offline

Start to make money with a side hustle explore how long it will take to start seeing results, it does not matter what you do, drive uber, write content or start selling begs.

Want to make money and probably struggling with the best ways of doing it correctly and legitimately? Stay put with us.

Hippo has compiled together top 20 ways to make money – whether at home or out in the streets – we have also listed each and every strategy according to how quicker you will get paid.
Many people are often blinded by going for quicker routes, but we advice people to not overlook smaller gigs.

How to make money online and offline

Let us jump in and start observing each method, depending on the type of person you are, any of this methods can work for anyone who make an effort.

1. Sell your previous and used clothes

One of the simple and most overlooked strategies to make some money quickly is selling clothes that you no longer use or wear. you may easily start selling to friends and relatives in need.
If you don’t have friends and relatives who will buy this unused clothes, simply find shops around that buys old clothes, you may also consider going the online route.

There are many websites online which can help you sell your clothes quicker, platforms like OLX and Gumtree are one of the popular places to sell used items.
There is currently a new platform called YAGA, which is made relevant for selling old clothes, shoes, bags and similar categories online.

2. Sell electronics for cash

Why not sell your old cellphone, we all buy a new cellphone after every upgrade of our mobile contracts.
Everyone has a spare Ipad, old play-station, old radio that they bought long time ago maybe when they were still bachelors.
Electronics like that can also be sold on platforms like OLX, Gumtree and other similer websites.

3. Drive for Bolt and Uber

Make money by driving passengers around by simply registering with Bolt or Uber.
The only thing that is hightly important and mostly required by special transport services like Uber and Bolt is a car in a good condition.
Your car must be eligible and comply with their terms and conditions, the driver must also comply and be clear of things like criminal records.

4. Make deliveries for Mr D Food,UCook and UberEats

Food delivery service seems to be one of the fastest growing trend in South Africa, more especially after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Many people who used to be skeptical of using all types of online services have now started making themselves familiar with the new normal.

Everyhing is moving online, including schools and ways of buying all types of stuff, which also includes food now.

Food delivery services is growing faster, with every restaurant now doing it also, below is a list of our South African food delivery services which are offering food delivery services through ordering online.

  • UberEats
  • Mr D Food
  • OrderIn
  • UCook
  • Food We Love
  • The Flying Pan
  • Monk’s Chinese
  • Oishi
  • Daily Dish
  • Fitchef

You can make money with food delivery services, all that you need is a motorbike in a good condition and a bike that complies with each of the food delivery services.

Remember, with types of side hustles like this one, you can do it after your 8am – 5pm full time job, or even on weekends only.

So, why not invest in a motorbike with your full-time job salary and use the motorbike to make more money as an extra income.

5. Become a baby sitter

Anyone can make money by simply becoming a baby sitter, whether you have a full time job, whether you have recently retired or even a college student.

This is one of the easier ways to make money, remember you can become a part-time baby sitter by watching other people’s children while they go partying or attending late night meetings.

There are many young professionals that occasionally requires baby sitters, some requires baby sitters in particular days.

If your a full time employee, you can use your house during the day as a day care and employ someone else to take care of the children.

So, whether you are going to be considering yourself for this side hassle, or are going to employ someone to do it for you, there are basic specialized skills required.

This could be anything related such as PR certifications or experience with special needs children, to make yourself more marketable.

6. Become a dog sitter

Well, we love all different things in life, so, if you have the love for dogs, make money by just watching other people’s dogs and taking them for a walk.

Like babies, there are many people who love animals more than having kids, this people will do anything for their animals, including hiring a specialized dog sitter and taking them to an expensive vet.

7. Become a mobile therapist

There are so many people who really don’t have time for themselves, they might have money to get to a near massage therapist, but they lack on time.

Take a specialized course to ensure that you become the best around and make yourself marketable mobile massage therapist and start making money.

There is good revenue in this service and one can make money through becoming a mobile therapist that travels to where their customers live.

8. Work as a housesitter

From a personal experience, I know many people who would often need someone to look after their homes for many different reasons.

It could be that they are going on a vacation and would need someone to lookout for their pets, water the plants and take out the garbage when necessary.

You could easily become a home sitter and make money by just taking care of the usual as if you were at your own home.

9. Online Freelance

Pick some freelance work online and make money online through websites such as, Fiver and Upwork.

Website like provides experienced individuals with various types of freelance work such as data capturing, virtual assistant, graphic design, website design, content writing and programming.

Other website like Gengo provides people who are fluent in other foreign languages with an opportunity to do translation work and pay for that service.

For any freelance work that you do, ensure that your pricing is right, make sure that your competitive, you don’t want to charge more or less.

10. Rent out your car

Many people have an extra car or two parking in the garage, meanwhile there are people who are renting cars from expensive rent a car service.

You don’t need to sign up with anyone or on any platform, simply write a simple contract for what should be done and shouldn’t done.

Start renting your extra car to someone in need and make money from that service.

11. Take surveys for money

Online surveys have been around for sometime, many people who have known about them have been taking an advantage to make money from home.

Although, many of this websites will offer gift cards instead of money and the ones that are paying don’t really offer a big cut.

12. Sell Images

Do you like taking random pictures?

well, you will be pleased to know that you can sell your photos online, websites like shuttersthock allows you to sell your photography online.

Sell pictures of interest, focus on a niche that you know people will like to buy, take photos of table mountain on your next visit to Cape Town.

People will often also pay for good photography, many people like nature, beauty and etc, so it is better to rather try sell pictures that you know are most wanted or required.

13. Become a private tutor

Do you have any specialized skill that you are good at and would you be able to teach other people?

Start selling courses online and make money, websites like Udemy allow people to create video courses and sell them on their platform.

There are other websites like Udemy, although you don’t really need another service provider if you know how to market your own website with your own course content.

You can simply build your own website to sell courses online, create packages and offer course subscriptions to your potentially clientele.

Anyone can create learning material of any type, create course material of that special skill that they have, it can also be from doing simple cooking, teaching maths and etc.

14. Make money as an affiliate

Make money from your blog by simply creating or writing good content that will drive traffic to your website.

Once you have a good website with good traffic, you can start approaching affiliate networks and allow them to use your website to get potential sales.

There are many categories that you can choose from, you may focus on news, jobs, finance, education, sport and others.

15. Become an Instagram influencer

since the roll out of Instagram, many companies are taking advantage of Instagram influence-rs to market their products and services.

So what anyone can potentially is target Instagram influencers with large followers and request them to market their products and services to their followers.

Although this can also take sometime to become one of the preferred influence-rs with large followers, once the community has grown, you can make money off Instagram.