Investment Opportunities in South Africa 2021

Investment opportunities in South Africa 2021 with great return on investment (ROI) for everyone, whether you have capital, assets or starting with nothing in your bank account. Take advantage of South African potential.

Investment Opportunities in South Africa

There are some many people who are currently setting with a lamp-sum of money, perhaps they have retired and would like to get their money to work for them.

Not everyone is business minded, and after all, who want to have their money make them work for it again, does not make sense right?

In many cases, perhaps for you reading this article, you might have some large amounts of money, obviously you do not want to work, but you are looking for realistic and great investment opportunities in South Africa.

Well, below is a summarized list of where one can inject cash to yield return on investment (ROI) with little effort but large capital.

  • Real Estate
  • Transport
  • Crypto Currency
  • Forex Trading
  • Car Rentals
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Online Work

In any opportunity that can yield large profits, there is always some type of risks involved, which can amount from high, medium, or low risk.

In overall opportunities available, the bottom line is, you need to be well vested with any opportunity that you decide venture on.

Real Estate

Real Estate or property investment is one the greatest and if not, one with lowest risk investment opportunities. Since back in a day, even in year 2021, real estate still stands as one the best backet to put your eggs in.

You can never go wrong, but as mentioned earlier, you need to keep yourself up to speed with what is happening in the property market and property trends to take full potential of the niche.

There are many entrepreneurs today who owns more than just residential properties for rental, but malls and shopping centres.

One of the great advantages and benefits of investing money in real estate is the fact that it is low risk but requires lot of money to start.

Real estate remains to be on the first best investment opportunities in South Africa that many people have trusted for over many years.


How can you invest in transport and monetize it?

People with few thousand of rands think that they can’t generate revenue through transport.

We all think that making money through transport means large number of fleets, which should range from buses, trucks etc.

One of the greatest benefits of considering transport as an investment is the fact that you can start small, from as little as an uber or a Toyota Avanza as a school transport.

Although transport can be one of the most popular investment opportunities in South Africa, it can also be one of the highest risk investments.

One of the reasons why transport is one of the highest risky investments it’s because it can be lost at any time. A full return on invest (ROI) is not guaranteed.


Cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular online platforms that many people are developing confident to engage with.

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, which seems to be very practical with many great reviews from many people around the world.

Bitcon is also one the investment faults that anyone one with stashed amount of cash laying around can try.

Forex Trading

When traders choose which market to trade, they are looking for optimal trading conditions and the best chance of taking a profit.

Currency trading is a global market that’s incredibly liquid, with an immense daily trading volume.

Although Forex Trading has been popular for quite some time, it is one of the highest risky global investment opportunities which must be backed up intense knowledge on online trading.

Car Rental

Car rental is one of most popular niches around the world, also not so much in South Africa.

This make car rental business one of the biggest investment opportunities in South Africa simply because is one of the expensive niches to start on.