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About – Real People

The Real People Group has been providing home improvement loans and property loans for more than a decade to many South Africans since their inception from 2001.

The company has been providing exceptional loans services to people In need of financial assistance to full fill their goals and dreams.

Real People Loans is dedicated to providing most convenient, affordable and effective property loans and home improvement loans.

How They Do It

Do you know what they offer?

Their aim is to partner with their customers, by becoming financial partners to improve their lives and providing home improvement finance.

Real People partners with reputable building retailers, providing finance in-store at the point of sale with the assistance of knowledgeable consultants who understand the needs of our customers.

How it works

The company pays the loan money directly to the participating hardware store as payment for your building or renovation materials.

Loan Services – Home Improvement Loans and Property Loans

Real People loans provides their customers with a variety of loans that starts from loans offers between R 1000 – R 120 000 Up to 48 months to pay.

With their 6 Months Flexibility, over the first month of you loan period, you can purchase your renovation material at you on pace according to how you project is progressing.

Other real people loans options exists, a Flexibility that save you money, here during the first six month of you loan period, you can start paying portion of the loan amount used.

Now, going forward you installment amount will be calculated on the final amount owed and it will be a fixed installment amount until the loan is paid fully.

Summary of Services

  • Home Financing
  • House Buying
  • First-time Home Buyer
  • Home Loans
  • First-time Investment

Real People Loans Contact Details

Find out what real people has to offer by visiting their website on

You can also contact them by using the following telephone number 0861 101 724 and chat to one of their professional consultant for assistance on how to apply for their property loans and home improvement loans.